I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia and spent my youth exploring the wilderness areas of Java island and later the breathtaking Evergreen of Washington State. As a teenager, Salvador Dali, Pak Tino Sidin an Indonesian Artist cartoonist and many random design publications from around the world inspired my ongoing passion for art making. I studied visual communications at the Art Institute of Seattle and then went on to receive my BFA from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. In addition to numerous private and corporate collections in both the United States, Australia and Asia, my paintings and murals can be seen in various location of Amazon headquarters in Seattle south lake union campus.
"Art is the duster for my soul.”
My artwork is a journey of discovery, a place where fear, pain, and sorrows collided with acceptance, love, and hope. The challenge is to feel more and think less, re-connect with my core and composed it with colors, lines, and shapes to bring out the beauty of our struggles. My goal is to inspire those who see my work to explore the unknown with less head and more heart, to discover our hope and love within our fear, pain, and sorrows.   

1997 Art Center College of Design (B.F.A)
1994 Art Institute of Seattle (A.A)

2017 Seattle Bureau of Fearless Ideas Auction (Saving Salmon)
2011 Cake Spy (Sugar Rush )
2011 RAW Pulse Seattle at iMusic, Seattle WA (
Chaosmatic & Sugar Rush)
2010 Retrofit Home, Capitol Hill WA (Sugar Rush)
2010 The Other Coast, Ballard WA (Sugar Rush)
2010 Trophy Cupcakes Wallingford, Seattle WA (Sugar Rush)
2009 Atlas, Seattle WA (Sugar Rush)
2003 Art With Heart Holiday Shindig Auction, Seattle WA (Rush)
2003 Firehouse Cafe, Ballard WA (Blindspot)
2002 Artemis Gallery, Seattle WA (Rush & Blindspot)
2001 Northwest Asian American Theater RAW Gallery, Seattle WA (Rush)
2000 Atlas, Seattle WA
1999 Coastal Kitchen, Seattle WA
1998 The 1998 Art Fest Gallery, Seattle University
1989 Sanggar Sang Timur, Jakarta, Indonesia
GroupHealth Cooperative, Seattle WA
Jill Lewis of JLArchitecture, Buenos Aires, Palm Springs
Mike Mariano & Grace Kim of Schemata Workshop, Seattle WA

Rebecca Lyman of The Garrigan Lyman Group, Seattle WA
Liz Holz, Snoqualmie WA
Russ Glaser, Redmond WA
Jen Fujimoto, Redmond WA
Toby Karyadi, Washington DC
Marcellino Tanumihardja & Yusi Sasmitra, Northgate WA
Susan Dennings, Seattle WA
Pat Tanumihardja & Omar Whitley, West Springfield, VA
Michele Hutchinson, Seattle WA
Jennifer Shea of Trophy Cupcakes, Seattle WA
Andy Kusuma, Barendrech, Netherlands
Cindy Kusuma, NYC
Jim & Ivy Hochstein, Seattle WA

Djoko & Brigitta Suwandana, Woodinville WA
Anne Archambault WA
Bratt & Angie McKinley, Kirkland WA
Chris Pratley, Seattle WA
Amazon.com, Inc. Seattle WA
Anna Kim James, Seattle WA

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