Road trips inspired paintings
Inspired by my multiple road trips along the West Coast from Pasadena, California to Seattle, Washington from 1994 - 1997. During my college years, and most often early in the morning, I would drive non-stop to Seattle. Along Interstate 5, I would sometimes wander off, daydreaming, enjoying the wide skies over the horizon, thinking about the lakes I will be visiting, and the cold drizzling rain that would soon touch my face. Looking to the left and right, I saw the green and brown fields and how everything became blurry from my driver's side window. Being on the road by myself behind the wheel and close to nature was my escape to a quiet and peaceful place, away from my busy life.  

I love oil as my primary medium because the way it flows across the surface, it enhances the motion I wish to create. For RUSH, I used bright colors and some muted colors to balance the contrast. When I want to make it less vibrant and more calm, I use earthy tones. Through RUSH, I would like the audience to see and feel what I experience. I would like them to see beyond what they see on the canvas, use it as a catalyst for their own imaginations, lift their spirits, encourage and inspire them, and most importantly provide a peaceful retreat.
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